Saturday, September 15, 2007

Embossed Leaves Socks are Finished!

Before I let you in on my little mistake, let me show you the wonder of my second pair of socks...

I have to say, I am proud of them, and they are knitted in my beloved Koigu KPPPM, so that makes me love them even more.

Now, let me explain the pose in the first 2 pictures. As you know, I was knitting these bastards a while. They've been to France and back twice, let's face it. In the long hours, knitting away, I would daydream, yea ok, some of the stuff you won't want to know....but one of the things I day dreamed about was, what would be the best pose to show there socks off to their best advantage.

Of course! Laying on my back in the garden with my legs waving about in the air!! You'll be pleased to know, I was wearing underwear at the time.

I just thought they'd look good near some real leaves.

Oh yes, my mistakes......well, I was finishing these off last night and the pattern says

"when 7 and a half repeats have been completed, start toe decreasing"

Well, as you can see, it's a bit difficult to know, especially late at night, where this bloody repeat starts and where it bloody finishes.

Anyway, I did 8 and a half by accident.

I did debate whether anyone would notice.

I did debate whether I knew anyone who had one foot 3 inches longer than the other.

I did unpick the one repeat.

Imagine my joy when I picked up the right number having undone it.

Imagine my horror when I realised that the rib on the top of one sock isn't the same as the rib on the other sock.

It's bloody inside out.

Oh well, individual I say.

I have given them to my daughter. She has always liked them and I think she'll appreciate them and the hours that have been invested in them.


Virtuous said...

FABULOUS socks!!!

I love your photo shoot pics too! :op Perfect poses!

AAh at least you tink back to the right number! I hate when I knit more than I had too! LOL

And who stinkin' care about the ribbing they look great!!

Daughter will definitely cherish them! And from Mom too! How nice!

Wendy said...

Fabyarnlous color choice! And I'm soooo wanting to touch your Koigu KPPPM in the shots below! Maybe while I'm out cruising the LYS this weekend I'll have to keep a look out for some.

Janey said...

Oh my, they are beautiful! KPPPM is on my must try list, much closer to the top than it was before I read your last 2 posts!

Lucky DD! I hope she realises how lucky she is!

dreamcatcher said...

Fab socks, I am in awe of fancy socks! Love the explanation behind the photos :-D

Queen of the froggers said...

They are great socks! Individual and well knit! I tried to knit them once and failed.

Octopus Knits said...

The socks are beautiful, and you've made them extra special with the flipped rib on the one sock : )

Great job, I'm sure your daughter will enjoy them!

gilraen said...

Wonderful job on the socks Liz. Have you tried Monkey's ?? They are the loviest pattern to knit. :)