Friday, September 28, 2007

PrOn Friday of a different kind....

Well, you know I stepped down from the YPF due to my saving up for the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace (OMG it's 2 weeks today and I need to have saved at least three thousand pounds.....I have 50 pence)? Well, I thought I'd give you a different kind of prOn because it's Friday!

All my friends know I am a petrol head, yea, ok, it may not sit that comfortably with being a knitter....I've given up trying to fit in a box now I'm over 40. Last weekend, Rob and I went to Warwickshire to an Italian car event. As we drove in, we became an exhibit (obviously because we have an Italian car...come on, keep up with this story...).Imagine that, people were taking my photo as I was getting out of the car, AND I wasn't even holding my stomach in....I don't know how celebrities stand it..I was outta that car like a shot, and standing as far away from it as I could. Rob liked it. But then again, he has the body and face for celebritydom. I have a way to go yet..a long way!!

Anyway, check out the eye candy that was there.... (apologies if you're not turned on by strange fruit!!)

Just in case you didn't realise, they are all Lamboughinis. Beautiful, aren't they? I love them. If I win the lottery, I might get one.

Now, for all you peoples who aren't excited by speed and power, how about pure style and fantasy?? Oh yea, see? I thought about you guys as well!

Check this beauty out...

This, dear reader(s), is Lady Penelope's car frm Thunderbirds. FAB 1. I can see myself in it. Rob hated it. He can't understand how I can appreciate the beauty of Lambourghinis and Ferraris and find this attractive. I just have diverse taste is my thinking.

Come on now, can't you just see yourself sitting on the throne seat there, knitting something glamorous, like a silk thong, with a glass of champagne and some canapes by your side? See, I'm not limited by reality at all in my day dreaming....

BTW, does anyone know of a good sock pattern knitted toe up on 2 circs????


dreamcatcher said...

I'm a bit of a petrol-head too, looks like a great event you went to. I've seen the FAB1 at the "Memorabilia" show, along with some of the Bond cars, tres cool :-D

Love your stitchmarkers BTW, very pretty indeed.

Virtuous said...

LOL @ your personal paparazzi and not sucking in! Haha!! I know what you mean!

I didn't realize y'all did car shows and had one too!! NICE! I love the eye candy today!

Wish I could help with a pattern, as you know I am still waaay to new at the sock knitting. Do you have the Sensational Sock book?? They have TONS of patterns, and you can do toe up as well!

Hawkesley said...

I just got my brother to look at a knitting blog!!

Mind you he was only looking at the Lamboughinis ;-) Very impressive cars and great colours too.

BabyLongLegs said...

Hiya Liz :)
We are petrol heads here OH has got a 1978 Corvette :)
I can be regularly spotted at car shows with my feet up knitting....he he he
Sarah xXx