Monday, September 24, 2007

The Winning Colours

Ok, as promised, the favourite yarn colour choices, as chosen by you.

It was a draw between numbers 3, 6 and 14. Here they are. They got 9 votes each. The last one, on the bottom of the picture only got 3 votes. But I like it. I like all of the ones you guys chose.

Because I like them all the deciding factor might have to be price. The Cucumber Patch is holding a sale on the Jaeger yarns and the Debbie Bliss one is a little expensive. But it does feel nice. I might have to disregard price and just go for colour.

Now I'm going to drive my family extremely mad while I hold those 4 up to my face and ask them which one they like most.

You know...over and over and over again.

And then ask them if they're sure...really sure.

Let's face it, it's a big and complicated knit. I need to be certain.


Pheelya said...

The colors are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see which of the 4 you actually go with!

gilraen said...

I love them all!! Waiting with bated breath!!

I love the gray in the original and am really tempted by that, but only if I finish the Rib and cable cardi first :)

Good luck. :)

Janey said...

I really like the third from left but I too would find it very difficult to decide! Your family love it really, even if they do complain!

Wendy said...

I'm sure that whichever color you choose it will be great. As far as I can see, all those colors are wonderful and you can't really go wrong.

Virtuous said...

It is a big knit!

I love all the colors except the blue :op

I priced how much the Jaegar yarn would be for 17 balls and it is $68 bucks!! UGH!

I gotta sit on this a little be more! Haha!

May check out the Uros seriously! Or Swish :op

lomester said...

The suspense is KILLING me!