Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Secret Pal 11-First Installment!

Hooray, my first package from my secret pal arrived yesterday! She had (I'm assuming she's a she) contacted me and said she would be sending three parcels.

Wow, check out what she sent...(please excuse the terrible photo, it's awful light here)

Some really nice stuff, some cinnamon candles (one of my favourite smells), some burner oil, some handstitched paper and embellishments, some sweeties, and...some bamboo needles (I really love these) and some yarn, spun, dyed and balled in Yorkshire...really spooky as my husband is from Yorkshire (and I don't even think that I have ever mentioned that in my blog!!)

It's a weird feeling knowing that someone has taken the time to get to know me, from my ramblings and sent me things she knows I will (and I do) love!!

Thank you, Secret Pal!

As I am typing this the Booga Bag is in my machine, felting. I have consulted those who know in Ravelry and they assure me that Kureyon doesn't run. I'm still nervous. Think I may set up a sock knitting camp in front of the machine to keep an eye on it. I'll keep you (gulp) posted of progress. Anything other that a muddy coloured mess will be a bonus for me. Keep your fingers crossed.


Queen of the froggers said...

Kureyon didn't run for me so you should be OK. Look forward to seeing the bag. Nice pressies!

gilraen said...

Kureyon doesn't run but it does fade with every hot wash so I try to do my felting with one very hot wash. :)

Lovely gifts there :)

Virtuous said...

That is so great! Hope you continue to have fun with SP11!! :o) It is so neat to get spoiled by someone who took the time to get to know you!!

Can't wait to see your Booga Bag!

Janey said...

Lovely goodies! Can't wait to get my first package!
Your booga is great...wonderful colours!

gwen said...

what a nice package! you have a good pal!

lomester said...

Oh FUN! I miss those SP days. I always forget to sign up again