Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Booga on down......

Yes! It's finished.

Hah! Only joking, that's my arty photo of it... here's it in all its glory..

Nice, isn't it? I love it. Not wanting to ruin my run, I of course made some modifications. I knitted the straps a little longer, and I put a buckram panel in the bottom to keep it a bit sturdy. As you can see from my first arty photo, it doesn't make much difference. In fact I do think the only thing it will achieve is in making a place where all my lipsticks, money and so on, can roll under and I will spend my booga life with my hand under it, searching for stuff. Oh well.

I did not really get the instructions about where to tie the handles on, either. Julie Black Sheep, said in the pattern, I should end up with the knots on the outside. I read it and read it and I didn't really get it, so I did what I thought looked best.

It looks ok I think. I have 3 skeins of Kureyon in another colourway and I'm tempted to cast on and churn another one out. I'm sooooo close to finishing the Embossed Leaf socks, though, I might get them done first.

I've been sewing as well this week.

My neice started school properly today and my sister said she needed a gym bag. So I made her one. It was ok to make...a little lateral thinking required to put the lining in and make it back to front and the right way round, but plenty of staring at it fixed that. I'm going to put this sort of thing on my Etsy shop (when I get some time to do that) Hopefully lots of kids will need gym bags!!

Hope it's as sunny wherever you are today as it is here.


gilraen said...

Georgeous gym bags! I love thos Kaffe Fassett prints!

Your booga bag looks great, would buckram around the sides make a difference too? I've been meaning to try it for some of my bags too. :)

What colourway did you use?

Virtuous said...

Love both bags!! Very cute!

Your purse is perfect for the fall! And looks SO like you! :o)

Queen of the froggers said...

Your booga bag came out really well, I love the colours. the gym bags are very nice!

clarabelle said...

Those are some luvverly bags, Liz! I'm very impressed. I wish I liked sewing, but I don't, and I would just end up temper-tantruming over something like your gym bag. But it's beautiful.

And thank you for your comment about my blankie looking like modern art! That was actually my cunning plan!

Piglottie said...

I was just going to ask is that the Kaffe Fassett fabric? Gorgeous isn't it!? I love both bags - so colour. Must knit me a booga bag someday.

blog-blethers said...

Thanks for popping by and saying hello on my blog!

I love the Booga bag pattern but have yet to make one. The colours you've chosen are just stunning!Bet you Ellie was delighted with her PE bag too.

How are your Embossed Leaves socks coming along? This pattern is definately on my 'must make' list and I even have Lorna's Laces in Maple already to cast on!

lomester said...

The booga bag is great - but i am IN LOVE with that bag you made your niece. What a great gift.