Wednesday, June 18, 2008

28Thirty aka The Ardvark Jacket

I like knitting this, it's a good tv knit. Pretty straightforward and not much concentration required. Apart from the fact that I seem to have ended up with more stitches that required when I lost the sleeves. Oh well, I don't think it'll matter much. I have also decided that the sleeves would look better to be flared at the ends and so will increase as I go down them. I love the ridging, I feel it makes it look kind of ardvarky!

Other news...we are going away soon, so have employed a company to come and feed the cats. Basil is so old now (19) and on such a lot of medication that he needs to be in his own surroundings as he does get confused and I need to know he will be given the medication properly. Kate, the lady who will be doing the job came to meet us and basil yesterday. She is lovely, and has said she will massage his feet every day, because he likes that! She will also water the plants that don't get watered by the irrigation system and tend to the tomatoes, aubergines and french beans I am growing. I feel a whole lot better about going now! Plus, she used to be a psychiatric nurse, so she will fit in down this road very well!!!!!

Lily found out today that she has been accepted onto the American Exchange with her school. They are only taking 25 students and there were about 60 applications, so she is really pleased!!! Emily, who she has been paired with, will come here to stay with us for 2 weeks in November, and Lily will go there for 2 weeks in April next year. I'm sure there will be a lot of emailing going on in the meantime! The school they exchange with is in New Jersey. I am busy writing a list of various yarns and needles that she can bring back with her. Nothing like being organised!

I have been asked if I would be interested in training as a Weight Watchers leader. My leader, Jo, thought I would be good and asked her training coordinater to come to the meeting the other week and see what she thought. I have had a chat with her and Jo and am attending an information evening at the end of the month before I make a decision. I would love to do it, and I am very flattered, but not sure if I have the confidence to stand up in front of a lot of strangers. And what if my group put on every week and were rubbish at losing weight? Not sure I am ready for the responsibility!!!!!

We are hooked on Big Brother already here. Rob is pretending he's not, but I can see him watching! What I want to know is this. Where do they find such a bunch of wierdos from??? Mario has to go this week. He's just scary. Especially with Lisa's lipstick on. It was scary enough on her.


Queen of the froggers said...

Your jacket is looking great. My parents have offered to come and look after our cat which is great, its so traumatic taking him to the cattery, us and him!!! That lady sounds perfect. You would be great as a leader, just think everyone at the meeting would be supportive if they knew you were new. I just signed up for the online one but have yet to start ... 4 weeks ago, I just can't get my head into it!

tiennie said...

Very pretty!

How fun! I always wanted to do an exchange. Maybe my kids will get the chance when they are older.