Monday, June 30, 2008


By some miracle of modern science, the camera now works and I can show you what I finished at the weekend!

Ta da!!!!!!

No pictures of me wearing it yet, come on, let's not get too carried away! There's no telling when the camera will pack up again, so I did quick photos while the going was good!!

I made a few modifications.

1. I knitted the S size, but just before you cast off the sleeves, I left a few more on for the body than the pattern said. 260 instead of 244. This meant the sleeves were 55 sts each and the body was 150 not 142.

2. I knitted the body 4" long, not 3.5"

3. I wanted the sleeves billowy, so on ridge 14 (from the shoulder, not the neck), I increased 2 in the round (I knitted magic loop method on 2 circs) by K1P1 into 1 st twice after each ridge row (so it wasn't so obvious) until there were 71 sts. Then I did the K2P2 rows 4 times so the ends of the sleeves weren't so cuff like.

I used Cascade 220 in the Heathers with 5mm circs.

I'll try and get some of it in action tomorrow. In the meantime, the race is on for me to finish Portia before I go on holiday on Friday!


Denise said...

It looks great, I hope you can model it soon for us ;)

tiennie said...

It's lovely!

Virtuous said...

I love the buttons! And so glad you told us your mods!

Can't wait to see you flaunt it for us! :o)

It looks good!!

clarabelle said...

It's a lovely shape and colour, Liz! Looking forward to the proper catwalk photos...!

Cycling Knitter said...

fab, i really love it,
think its gone into my que now!!


Queen of the froggers said...

It look great, I like your modifications.

Robin said...

Can't wait to see it modeled! Love the buttons and color.