Sunday, June 15, 2008

Drops Cable Bag is a FO!

Hooray, I found the time to finish it and to get Rob to take some photos as well!

I like it! By a small accident, the handle is the exact right length, and the colour is gorgeous. It is a really useable size too!

The lining was a bit of a pain to do as the top is so much narrower than the bottom. Let's just say it wouldn't win any neatness competitions and let's hope I never need to find anything small in it in a hurry.

The eskimo wool is really heavy, which enables the bag to stand up on its own.

I made a couple of mods
A deeper garter st edge at the top to enable me to use the big button, and I only knitted one handle instead of two.

Pattern: Drops Cable Bag (free download)
7 skeins eskimo colour 30
5mm circs
Heather Bailey Freschcut fabric for lining
Total cost approx £18

We had a great walk this afternoon, and I took some pictures, I'll post them tomorrow if I can. We walked through some beautiful countryside. Funny how something can be on your doorstep and you don't even know it's there!

Look at that!! No blogging from me for a few days and then 5 in one day!!!!


Pheelya said...


Denise said...

It looks great - I love cables.

Virtuous said...

It did come out perfect!

And you got hubby on his day to take pics! :o) All is good! Haha!

tiennie said...

It's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Love the cables and shape of the bag. How fantastic!

Cycling Knitter said...

gorgeous bag,
think thats gonna have to go down on my list two

think we have similar tastes!!

gilraen said...

I love!!! It is really feminine and your lining is so pretty :D

I'm wondering how it would look felted?

kathryn said...

That's lovely and what a gorgeous lining!

Cycling Knitter said...

the cycling knitter
on ravelry!!!


twigletqueen said...

Love it! Really cute, especially the massive button!

Jenni said...

I love the color and the button! I think I'm gonna have to put it on my to do list!