Sunday, June 15, 2008

Drops cable bag...progress at last!

Since sewing together the bottom of the bag, it has changed shape and I am really liking it. The big hole in the picture is the buttonhole and I have a ginormous ruby coloured button to sew on. I love the colour of the bag too. Sewing it up was a bit tricky as the yarn is like candyfloss. One too tight pull and it just separates.

I have decided to line the handle too, in the same Freshcut fabric, as in my experience, knitted handles just get longer and longer and you don't dare put too much in the bag after a whil, so I thought this would give it some support. You need it if you're my bag!

I am hoping to finish it tonight. Mind you, it's Father's Day here today, and we are off on a 10 mile walk in a while, and then off out for dinner, so it might be tomorrow now. At least you don't need the use of your legs to make bags! There's a blessing!

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Virtuous said...

The bag is looking good! And I love that you are adding the extra details of lining to the handles!

Happy Day!