Sunday, August 03, 2008

Boobs and Blackberry Sorbet

Told you I would let you know what I was knitting today....

..and there you go!

There was a request on Ravelry on one of the forums from a health visitor. Apparently, knitted breasts are the best way to teach new mums how to breastfeed, and she asked if people would knit one. There has been a great response from the sound of it! If you fancy getting involved, check out this Ravelry link
Basil liked it

and here's some idea of the size. Pretty boob size, maybe not the same shape! It's the shape I'd love to have!

We've had a lovely weekend. Yesterday, I went for coffee and cake with Rob and then made some delish meringues filled with strawberries from a local farm, on vanilla cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce! They were for a barbeque we went to yesterday afternoon which went late into the night in the end and I had a lovely time eating some of them!

I also did some knitting yesterday

It's te Waving Lace sock, knitted in Blue Sky Alpaca. My favourite yarn. On too big needles....and this is what happened next...

Bugger. It wasn't going to happen on those size needles, so tomorrow when I order some stuff for my SPs, I shall get the right size ones.

Today we're all tired, so we went for a long dog walk. We picked loads of blackberries and tonight we're making blackberry sorbet. It's such a simple recipe.

Soften with sugar, then pass through a sieve, then mix with a glucose syrup then churn in the ice cream maker. Then eat!

I'll see if I can get a picture when it's made. I think I'll have to be quick!


roses said...

oooo blimey, that knitted boob made my teeth go funny eeeeek!!!!

Virtuous said...

Great boob and the sock looked good too! I know about having to try again!

I plan to knit boobs for breast cancer awareness for a charity KAL in the new year! :o)

Hope the rest of your Sunday was great!