Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Weekend

We spent the day on Saturday with Mary and Mark at the Brailes village show. True to tradition, it poured all day, but we had fun. I didn't enter my bag as it didn't come out as I wanted and will require alot of fiddling with, which I didn't have the time for so never mind. If you'd seen the shit that won, I'd never have stood a chance, but don't get me started on that subject. The judging was done by a mentally challenged person who lived in another continent and didn't bother coming to the show, but I'm not bitter. My dog didn't win prettiest bitch and is now coming out of an ugly depression with the help of therapy.

Elegant, hey?.........

As promised for some time,pictures of Mary's amazing mosaics on her table and chairs outside. The chairs all represent a season. I think they're amazing.

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tiennie said...

Those mosaics are amazing!