Monday, August 11, 2008

UK Swap question 7

Films is the topic this week:

Do you prefer to watch films at home or at the cinema?

I prefer to watch them at the cinema. Only because I am a bugger for falling asleep if I'm home! Also, much nicer popcorn at the cinema (salty of course) and sorbet!

What is the last film you saw?
X Files (such a disappointment)

Have you seen any films more than 10 times? If so which ones and why.
No. For the same reason I ever really read books more than once...I like the end to be a surprise and I can't understand why you'd read/watch it if you knew what was going to happen?

What film do you recommend that people should see?
Saw 1, K-Pax, Philadelphia, Devil Wears Prada, Man Who Fell to Earth, probably my most favourite ones!

If you could be any character from a film who would it be?
Difficult! I'll get back to you on that one!

On the knitting front, I have a load to report in from this weekend, downloading the photos now, so I'm hoping to post all that later. Also pics of Mary's mosaicing...finally!

Also....WAIT FOR IT......I may have a Babette square. Don't get too excited. I have joined the Babette & Hexagon Blanket Crochet Anonymous Group on Ravelry and there is loads of help for novice crocheters like me and also loads of links to tutorial videos, so I am going to attempt it!!!!!! Look out SP, I may be able to do it after all!!!!

Check out some Babette colour inspirations here WOW!!!!!!! 3 pages of beauty.....

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Robin said...

I'm not big on re-watching movies or re-reading books either. I usually never do either!