Sunday, August 03, 2008

Re: Spooky...All is Revealed

OK, I know I'm blonde, but sometimes I can kid myself it doesn't affect me.

When I received the swap parcel, I saw the UK postmark and just assumed UK Swap. What I didn't remember, was that my SP12 upstream is also in the UK and I am thinking, thanks to Rosie's comment on my Spooky post (no, I didn't think of it myself!), that it was from my SP12 pal! Makes sense, right?

Anyway I have emailed her to thank her, and unless she/he emails back "WTF are you on about" then the mystery is solved!!

Thank you, SP, I love the package, and so sorry for the delay in thanking you. UKSP, sorry for panicking you!

BTW, Secret Pal, can you give me a clue who you are? Just one little one? Pleeeeaaaase?

OK, all is sorted, and now relax.

Wait til you see what I'm knitting today! You'll love it!

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