Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SP parcel arrived

I went out and when I came back, my UKSP had been to my house!!!!! How weird is that? I wish I had been in a I wanted to meet her in person, but I think she comes from Cambridge, so I am hoping I will meet her at a K2TOG meet soon.

She left a box in my porch!!

Check out what was in it... I took the photo in the garden as the theme for my swap was my garden!

Wow, she sent me some lovely things. She made that gorgeous bag at a Debbie Abrahams workshop!!!! Sweeties too, cool yarn, soap, and amongst other things, a Rowan Classic pattern book. I love Rowan designs and have my eye on these 2 so far....

The yarn is to make this sweet bag

I have also had another parcel, from my SP12 but I'll take a pic later, when I take one of my GIANT BABETTE SQUARE

Oh yeah....prepare to be amazed......


Lyndsey-Jane said...

great haul! and congrats on having such a clever daughter (with great music taste, has she got the foos dvd of the gig yet? if not I think she deserves it for doing so well).
Let me know when you are going to cambridge Ktog and I'll make sure I ge there for it too.

Lin said...

Wow, what a fabulous parcel, the patterns in the book look lovely.