Friday, August 01, 2008


In my last post, I told you I had received a package from my UK swap pal.

Yesterday, I received an email from Ruth, the swap co ordinator.

She had been contacted by the person who is my swap upstream to say she hadn't sent a parcel to me yet.

So who is it from?

Good Times:
A) I love it
B) I'll get double goodies at this rate!!

Bad Times:
A) Does it mean someone is without an upstream? Surely they would know by now?



RooKnits said...

Intriguing indeed. I hope we get to the bottom of this!

Rosie said...

Weird! Just a thought, though, maybe your SP12 upstream is in the UK? Even though I always signed up for international swaps in the International SP exchange I did once spoil a lovely knitter in Scotland. I know she'd signed up to the international group!