Monday, July 09, 2007

Bad Luck Rafael

I'm not sure how widely broadcast Wimbledon is, but I for one have been totally hooked and my life has gone a little to pot over the last couple of weeks. This past weekend were the finals for the men and they got there I'm not sure, because it seemed to me as soon as those covers were off, whoever controls the weather seemed to think, quick, get the fuckers, and it would pour. Covers on, covers off, covers on, a whole two weeks of it. Anyway, I was glad that Venus won the women's on Saturday, I like that girl, but I was a little gutted when Federer won. I DO like him, but let's face it, Rafael Nadal is just completely gorgeous. Better luck next year my darling. (just getting into practice in case he comes to visit me) Good match though. I only fell asleep in my new hammock for about 20 minutes of the second set.

Now then. I had some books I ordered from Phildar delivered last week. I have narrowed my next project down a little to these.
WARNING: multiple pictures from now on.

Noot sure which one to go for. I have a blanket for my sister who is expecting in August that I need to get done. It's from a Debbie Bliss book, I'm just waiting for 15 balls of white cotton cashmere to get delivered. I'm going to do it on Addi turbos as well, which I haven't used before. Looking forward to trying them.

I am on my second pair of socks..oh yeah.. I saw you raise your eyebrows. Don't call me addicted, I'm just filling in time waiting for the blanket yarn. I love them though. I'm using the Koigu KPPPM I loved so much. The socks are from the Favorite Socks book from Interweave and the pattern is Embossed leaves. I thought I'd skip intermediate and go from beginner to advanced. Why not? Never been known to take the simple route anywhere.

And a close up as they are SO beautiful

AND I have knitted my daughter a bag. We love it. Such a simple pattern, a slightly modified Jean Moss pattern. I seem to be incapable of knitting anything without modifying it a bit. It's knitted in merino brights by The Wool Boutique. The self striping colours worked really well on this size.

And then I lined it with some Kaffe Fasset I had in a stash.

See, you thought all I had been doing was laying around eating yum yums and watching the tennis.Oh no, I am a multi tasker, and I can watch the tv, eat cake AND knit! See?


Cass said...

LOL! Love those patterns and the bag is stunning! you DO knit! ;)

Virtuous said...

Ooh! What issuses did you order?

I saw they were on sale and plan to finally buy the one with the swing jacket in it! :o)
Autumn2 and eyeing the Winter 1 as well!

But I missed the ones you have pics posted of so I want to be sure to place those in my cart too! Let me know! :o)

The socks are coming along nicely! I plan to knit like that one day too! :op

Avrienne said...

Very cute bag!

gilraen said...

Fabulous patterns!!! Love the orange one especially. :)

Of course you can multi-task, you are a woman/mother etc etc ;) :)