Sunday, July 15, 2007


Now then you ladies, I thought you ALL had the Last Minute Gifts book. Well, I definitely recommend it, there's loads of great patterns in it. I am trying not to read the yarn harlot's book before I go away, but I keep reading the odd page by mistake. My daughter thought it looked good as well, so she may well end up reading it before me at this rate!

She's back from her horsey hols and I am glad to have her back. Maybe she will finish knitting her bag to felt this week, she fancies knitting the chevron scarf as well, so we may do that as a joint (and extremely slow) project together! We'll be surfing the on line yarn shops tomorrow for some nice Koigu, love that stuff!

Blankie is coming along well. We spent today lunching with some friends who moved to Switzerland a couple of years ago, and it was great to see them all. But only a couple of hours knitting for me this whole weekend :( AND I've noticed another few mistakes in it as well. Fuckwitty thing. I'm carrying on regardless.

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Virtuous said...

Great! I will definitely put this on my list.

I have some "designer elements" in my socks I have been knitting this weekend, but I am forging onward! :o)

Hope you have a great trip!