Friday, July 13, 2007

Yarnaholics Dream..Bank's Nightmare

When I took my daughter to her godmother's yesterday, as I said I would, I popped into the shop that sells ...mmmmm...yarn. Imagine my excitement when they had a 50% sale on. Quick, I said to my daughter, GET A BASKET!!!!!!!! No trollies in here. GET 2 BASKETS!!!! I went round and round and round the shop, must have that, need that, love that, want that. After about 10 minutes, my daughter asked me the VERY non knittery question: "What are you going to make with that?"

WHAT AM I MAKING WITH THAT??????? For fuck's sake...NOTHING
Why else would I buy it?

Stupid question.

Mental note: Teach my child about important things, never mind about drugs and alcohol. Must teach her about adoration and aesthetic love and shopping just for STUFF.

Want to see what I got??

Some balls of this..(well, some, more like all they had) It's Debbie Bliss cashmerino chunky.

That photo hasn't done the colour any justice. It's more of an aubergine colour. Beautiful.

And these

That's Debbie Bliss cathay.

I did get a load of other stuff as well, but I can't show you as it may be the yarn I end up sending to my pal on the yarn junkies swap. Yes, it is all pink!

On the way home I popped into Maggie's shop (rude not to) and got these beautiful gems..

Those fabrics are already patchworked together. What a result!! How beautiful are they?

On the ravelry front, I am getting there, slowly but surely. As you can see from the side bar, I now have a flickr account and that means I can upload to the ravelry site. I love it, although I can't believe how easy it is to lose a few hours of the day there!! My house is a tip, but who cares.

Still knitting the blankie, it's so wide, 167 stitches, each row takes forever, and it's all 13 st st, 5 moss st, 15 knit, 12 purl. It could get on my nerves if I let it, but I am determined to get it done.

I'm home alone tonight as well, so am planning to make something nice for pudding (oh yea, and dinner..only eat that to get to pudding though) and then watch big brother without anyone speaking to me. Bliss. AND knit the blankie of course.

I might attempt to make some stich markers tonight as well, I have all the stuff to do it. See how fuzzy my eyes become later!!!!


Zonda said...

Nice yarns there! On sale even! :)

Cass said...

Good times! :) You have an eye for color don't you?

Virtuous said...

LMAO! @ shopping spree and the teachings to your daughter! LOL

50% Off! What F-U-N!!