Friday, July 27, 2007

Got a cold...still knitting though

I haven't posted much this week as I have been feeling like I am wrapped in bubble wrap and have been clubbed over the head and then run over. I have given the blankie a wide berth as it's getting a bit tedious to knit now, and instead turned my little knitting ability back to the sock. This is the progress on it so far..

Can I just take this opportunity to state that the reason my leg looks like that is due to foreshortening. The artists among you (not piss) will know what I mean. Of course my legs are magnificently long and wonderously slim. I Thank you (small bow).

It's coming along though. It's easy to knit when you're not well, I've found. I've been so irritable that my family have been steering well clear of me, and that makes it easy to count stitches and keep to the pattern, so I have made good progress. Of course, the odd bag of M&Ms have helped too.

We're off to see the Simpsons movie tonight. Not my particular cup of tea, but there's popcorn (salty of course) and ice cream. Please don't be fooled into thinking I am ruled by food, I know there are a lot of references to it in this post, but you know how it is when you feel shitty!!

PS Please notice my toes in this photo..I had a gel overlay yesterday with a French manicure. I've already chipped off a corner of my big toenail. Oooops!!!


Virtuous said...

See I wasn't even looking that closely at your toes! LOL

On my brown skin you can definitely see my cute french pedi! :o)

Nice progress on the sock! I hope you are feeling better soon!

Enjoy the movie!

Janey said...

Nice toes!!

Please may I join in in not feeling well? I have tonsillitis that needed a trip to the Docs! Trouble is, haven't got any knitting done as my little one doesn't understand that mummy isn't well!

Hope you feel better soon!

Ooooh, nice sock too!

Cass said...

Oooo I hope you feel better soon! But happy sick knitting! :)