Saturday, July 14, 2007


The blankie is driving me round the twist AND up the wall. Last night, after I had stuffed my face, me and the dog settled down to an evening of knitting. I was on about row 12 when I started. By about row 15, I started to notice that I was a stitch out on the pattern. Bear in mind that each row takes a bloody long time to do, it's so bloody loooong. Anyway, I carried on, knitting 2 tog here and picking up 1 there to try and even it out. It got more and more on my nerves and by about row 21 I couldn't bear it anymore and ripped it all back to the moss stitch border. The dog looked a bit scared, and it was touch and go for half an hour, but we have gone through the pain and I am back to row 20 and it is beautiful again. AaaaaaaaH Big sigh of relief. And b r e a t h e
Here it is now...

These books arrived this morning (I did order them)

Yes, yes yes, I know I'm the last person in the world to get the last minute knitted gifts, but I REALLY want to kit the chevron scarf, especially as I love koigu. The yarn harlot book is to read on holiday.
These are the 2 things I love from the book..


Have a good weekend!


Cass said...

Heyyyyyyyyy did you get those books from Destash!?!? you aren't the last one to have that book, I don't have it, and if you got it on Destash then you beat me to it! :p you can send it along to me when you're done. ;)

Blankie looks loverly.

Virtuous said...

That bites @ blanket
But so glad you got back on track!! It was worth the do-ver! Promise! It would have bothered you the whole time!

You are not the last person to get Last-Minute Gifts - I have yet to own it!
And I just got my 1st Stephanie book over like last month and that was only b/c it was gifted to me!! :oD

Hope your weekend is full of knitting!

gilraen said...

I keep meaning to get that book too. Like you I intend to do a Chevron scarf especially after seeing all the lovely STR ones out there :)