Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Banner

My daughter made me a new banner! How clever is she? I think I'll leave that sort of stuff on this blog up to her from now on. It'll be like having staff. Very retro though, don't you think? That's Flossie, my other little baby on there. There aren't really two of her, just one. The other one's an optical illusion.

I'm over halfway through the blankie now. I went to my sister's baby shower yesterday, she has 4 weeks to go. I would have liked to have taken it with me, but there weren't any other baby presents there. She wanted everyone to take a copy of a favourite childhood book with them for the baby instead. We chose That's Not My Dog, Kipper, Roald Dahl's Songs and Verse and Guess How Much I Love You (partly from my mum, who now lives in heaven and I don't know if they have a great postal service from there, or any bookshops)!!

I have been doing a bit of the Embossed leaves socks, and I am planning to start THE Chevron scarf from LMKG, but I need to get some Koigu first. I'm thinking of getting some through Ravelry's yarn stash department, where there are plenty of people looking to trade or sell. I'm hoping to finish the blankie by the end of the week, and then I'll get on with the running stitch detail when the baby arrives, so I can tell what sort of colours to be doing it with.

I have found a great shop to visit, and am planning to get there sometime soon. I wish I lived nearer to it, they have some great social stuff going on there. It's here

Hope all of you Harry Potter fans are enjoying the book. My daughter is esconsed in it at the moment, sorry to say, as much as I enjoy the films, the books hold little attraction for me. SORRY if I offend anyone with that comment, we can't all like the same thing, can we?

Happy Pottering!!!


Virtuous said...

You have some great projects going on!

And I am not a HP fan at.all!! *gasp!* Hahaha :op

Robin said...

I like HP but I'm not obsessive about it - I actually like the books better than the movies. Friday night I was meeting a friend for drinks and forgot about the HP thing, and they actually had the road closed, police were directing traffic and people were wandering around with wizard hats on, walking in front of my car, etc. Trust me, I was not feeling charitable about HP when trying to get across that town!

gilraen said...

That is a very clever banner, as is your daughter. :) No wonder she is a HP fan ;) :lol:

No seriously I didn't 'get' them either until I'd read a few. I wanted to know what my son was reading first, manic huh? Now I'm hooked :)

JL said...

Love the banner. Clever girl!

lomester said...

What a great baby shower idea. I love it!