Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Secret Pal Swap

I've been waiting to join this and now have signed up. I have done one swap so far, the green yarn junkies one and got a lovely parcel from Celia, but this is a BIG swap, a SERIOUS and grown up one. I'm a bit scared as, when I read the instructions, I didn't really geddit. It doesn't take very much to bamboozle my ever shrinking brain. But I've bookmarked the page, and I'll try reading it each day and hopefully one of the days it'll make some sense. I'm hoping the co ordinators will email at critical points to tell me what I should do. It's why I love knitting, you know, it's just I like being bossed and a pattern does that, in the kindest way, of course. Sign up here if you fancy it. Just make sure you send some cool stuff if you get me, oh, and lots of chocolate (just kidding!!!)

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Virtuous said...

I just finished SP10 so you can ask me any questions if you need help! Hope you enjoy it!

Can't wait to see your SP11 Questionnaire for your Secret Pal!