Friday, July 27, 2007

Yarn Pron Friday

I found a company on ebay, called Angels and Elephants, from Cornwall. They made this beautiful yarn, hand dyed merino 4 ply. Called Candyfloss. Isn't it lovely. I thought I might make the chevron scarf with a skein of it.
I'm pleased with it and will no doubt end up ordering loads more from them, just to love! Yarn junkies swap is yellow next month and they have some great yellow mixes!!!

Another picture of loveliness...


Virtuous said...

Thanks for the potential yarn option!

I like your photo shoot with the purple flowers! Nice touch! :o)

gilraen said...

That is lovely yarn indeed! :D

The Kureyon does lose some itchiness when felted, but Cascade 220 or Lamb's Pride it is not! :)

JL said...

What a lovely yarn!