Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today in my House

This is what I am doing today...

I am making strawberry and meringue ice cream. Yum! It does have an obscene amount of vanilla sugar in it too. I have tasted it and it's delicious. It has gone pinker since I took that photo too.

I am also doing this

I can't give too much away oon this as it's a surprise for my sister whose baby is due to make an appearance in August. I'll show you little snippets along the way though.

The sock has taken a back seat in the above's rush to be finished but I am down to the heel..yes, look amazed. It does look like the picture in the book as well, which is always a bonus!

My Ravelry isn't going well, yes, I can see the smirk starting in the corner of your mouth. I can't get my photos from iPhoto to get on the site and I think I may have to start a Flickr account and do it like that. Hmmmm yea I feel your smugness.

Off to drop my daughter at her godmother's tomorrow and that will involve meeting at a shopping centre where there is a shop with yarn in it. I am going in there only to get some yarn for my yarn junkie pink swap pal, but I may be tempted by some other stuff as well. You KNOW I will, I can't help it. I need to go to a yarnaholics annonymous meeting soon.


casey said...

Flickr is our only photo uploading option at the moment. If you don't want to wait for us to add alternatives (most people don't :) then you can just us Flickr and the Mac upload tool:

Give it a shot, I think that you'll like Flickr if you don't use it already.

(Casey from Ravelry)

Janey said...

Wow, that ice-cream looks yummy!

The blankie looks good so far, I think I recognise it but I may be wrong...I'll wait for another snippet which should give it away!

Ravelry is great, once you can get all your pics on. Trouble is, I spend more time there than knitting!

Virtuous said...

Wow your got a special not from Cas!

LOL @ smudge smile. No I wasn't!! LOL :o) I will be joining you soon! (*whispers* I hope)

Oh I want to be in the Yarn Junkie Swap! I sure wish I knew when the red or purple one is going to be next!

Good luck on uploading photos!

I spent 2 hours this past Sunday uploading to flickr...entirely too long for 18 photos! LOL

What?!? I had to figure things out!