Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Have Been Spoilt By Maddie!

My pink yarn junkies parcel arrived this morning. I love this swapping lark, it's like having a birthday every single month!

This is what was inside the parcel

Some 4ply Rowan wool cotton, some beautiful soft wool, some chewing gum, some beautiful stitch markers that I think Maddie made (I LOVE them!), a gorgeous patchwork ball and some pink candles.

I am truly spoilt. I love it all, thank you Maddie!

I am putting together my package for my partner. She is a little scary to send to as she owns a yarn shop (gulp!)

I am having a rest from the blanket today and trying to make some small knitted heart keyrings. If they work out, you'll be the first to see them! If they don't. let's never speak of them again!


Queen of the froggers. said...

Loads of pink! what a nice parcel.

Virtuous said...

You are right! It is like having a mini-birthday each month!! :oD

I defintiely want to see your keyrings!

gilraen said...

Oh Pink heaven!!! Yummmmmmmmmmy

Any ideas for the yarn yet?

JL said...

Love the pink goodies u got there !