Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm starting a sex line

Well, my cold is a lot better. I've been left with a hacking cough, which has given me a husky voice. So, I'm thinking I could make some money from it! (only joking!!)

My husband told me that he thought I was obsessed by knitting (yea, like it's a BAD thing) and so I haven't been doing much. I shall have to become a secret knitter I think. I wonder if there's something I could take up he might approve of. Snorting coke, or overeating I wonder?? Oh, but I already do that.......oops. The overeating, I hasten to add, not the coke thing.

Anyway, the blankie is nearly finished, maybe 2 inches to go on that. The sock has no progress. But look what came in the post for me this morning...

Can't wait to start that.

Also, Stacey has put a number of free patterns downloadable on her blog. Go and have a look!! We were thinking of starting a KAL, maybe with this one

If anyone fancies it, leave a comment or email me at the address on the sidebar and we'll get one going.

We went to the coast for the day yesterday. It's about an hours' drive for us, and always windy, as you can see. This is Floss on the rocks looking for the frisbee we lost. (My throw, I have to admit) You'll recognise my leg from the amazing pedicure at the bottom of it, of course.

Have a great day.


Virtuous said...

LOL @ secret knitter!!

I have been a little obsessed with the knitting world as well. Buying yarns, patterns/books, and writing/stalking blogs. Not to mention knitting!! I literally was thinking "Wow, I would not be able to put as much time in all of this if I had a S/O or husband!".

Dang! it was windy out there you can tell just by lookng at Floss! :oD

Girl Kae said...

haha sometimes I feel as if I'm a little obsessed and need to become a secret knitter as well!! =D

And i'd be up for a KAL for the silver belle cardi!

lomester said...

Oh my boyfriend is seriously concerned that i "spend too much time knitting" puaj! He spends too much time going to the gym!

Cass said...

Oh tell him to get over himself. It (doesn't) works for me! :)

And I'll bet you get some funny hits with that title! :D

Robin said...

LOL on starting a sex line - this is going to show my age a little, but my friends always call me "Jules" (Demi Moore's character in St. Elmo's Fire) when I get a cold as they say I sound exactly like her in that movie. Her voice is not as throaty as it used to be anymore, is it? Hmmmm...more things she's changed about herself since the 80s (boobs, cough, cough.)

janice said...

ooh, let me know if you start a knitalong for the silver belle. i've already started my sweater. :)