Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blankie update and some small beady things

The blankie is coming along well...

I still don't Love it, I think it's because it reminds me a bit of a dishcloth and I have got a bit of an aversion to them (sorry, dishcloth knitters). I think this is down to the colour and also the texture of the stitch pattern and the cottonness of it all. I have a plan though. When it's finished I shall embellish it a bit and I think that will do it. THEN it will become what I want it to be. I've done loads, though, hey? Thank god for Fear Factor I say. Something to focus on when those sickos are eating blended up worms. YUK.

I also did these..


I love them. I'm proud of them. Very proud for a first effort. And I have sent them with pink yarn to my yarn swap pal. Sshhh. Hope she didn't see this. More to the point, I hope they don't snag in her knitting. I REALLY hope they don't.


Janey said...

Fab blankie!

And those stitch markers are great! What a lucky swap pal! I would have kept them for myself!

Virtuous said...

Yeah I get it about the blanket but I am sure your emblishments will spice it up!

Cute stitchmarkers! And of course they are in pink! :oD

gilraen said...

I love your markers and have every faith in your ability to make that blankie stunning :)

knittercritter said...

The stitch markers are perfect! And what a great first effort! I am blessed to have received them along with the rest of the most creative and beautiful package and they will always remind me of my first international swap partner.
Thank you!